Tessa thinks Contagion is nearly perfect!

Poster: ContagionContagion the DVD is an engrossing, totally arresting movie!  Not for children, the reality and ugliness and fear of a major pandemic is terrifyingly portrayed. This movie covers issues which I follow and read about closely--public health, epidemics, quarantine.  I found no major factual or thematic faults in the movie, other than that the film shows Epidemic Intelligence Service staff being sent out alone, when they are often sent in teams, according to my reading.  That is an obvious understandable change, since the cast of this movie is still huge.  Not to mention all-star.  Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow dies in the movie.  That isn't a spoiler, since it happens at the beginning, and you get flashbacks in the form of video surveillance footage throughout the movie, clear to the end.

The contagion is a hypothetical flu pandemic which is extremely possible, even probable--just read some of the current literature.  It has a high mortality, more so than the World War I flu, and continues to mutate during the movie's time frame. The world panic, the CDC's efforts at tracking and isolating the virus, the crazy alternative health treatments that show up, it all sounds and is achingly familiar.  Bloggers and leakers all take their place in the reality show which is Contagion.  Check out this new release movie from a branch today!!!~ Tessa          5 out of 5 stars


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Airplane travel

It kinda takes the excitement out airplane travel, though, doesn't it?

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Not at all!

Perish the thought!  Makes life seem more dangerous and unpredictable, but whether we personally fly or not, the whole world (of viruses and germs) is coming to us.  Wherever we are. As it always has, actually. A little faster and we know it a little earlier, that 's all, really. Have I convinced you yet?