Book review: Dope sick by Walter Dean Myers

    Recommended by a teacher, the book Dope sick is based in the realism found in many of the popular urban fiction titles. But Myers gives the nod to acclaimed South American writers Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez by adding magical realism to his usual NYC inner-city setting. It opens with a young man, Lil J, on the run from the police with a bullet in his arm. Then the book takes a detour into fantastic realms when Lil J runs into an abandoned building.

Audiobook review: Dog on it: a Chet & Bernie mystery by Spencer Quinn

    Jacket cover: Dog on itA funny!  I was delighted  to discover that the book Dog on it by Spencer Quinn was a hoot.  Not expecting anything beyond a cozy PI book, Dog on it turned out to be one of the better reads this year. This series is told by Chet the Jet, an almost K9 trained mutt.

Book Review - The Rope by Nevada Barr

Nevada Barr is one of my favorite authors.  She is the best-selling author of 17 books about Anna Pigeon, a National Park Service Ranger.  Barr sets her books in many of the parks where she served as an NPS Ranger herself.  I’ve watched with interest and affection as Anna has grown over the years, but even in her first book “Track of the Cat” she’s a take-charge Law Enforcement Ranger who’s physically capable and mentally confident.

CitPat keeps column

A huge shout-out to the Jackson Citizen Patriot for deciding to keep the library's newspaper column At the library when the format changes take effect. There will be no break in the articles appearing on the book page of the Live It Up section.  Thanks so much!

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